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Welcome to the Captains Coverage website.
We provide Marine Officer's Liability Insurance.

What is Marine Officer's Legal Liability?

In the event of a maritime accident, and the captain is alleged to be negligent, they may be sued individually in addition to a suit filed against the vessel owner.

Most marine underwriters have made the judgment that furnishing the captain insured status (unless they are the owner), or defending the captain under the vessel owner’s insurance policy, may jeopardize the owner’s and the underwriter’s ability to limit liability after an accident under the Limitation of Liability Act of 1851.

Subject to actual policy conditions, Maritime Officer’s Legal Liability insures the individual maritime officer who might be sued in connection with death, injury, or property damage, arising out of a maritime accident.  Coverage includes defense costs and damage in the event of pollution.  The policy does not include any criminal act, or any incident in which the officer is acting outside of his license qualifications.
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